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The 'Slipp-R' is a robust and welcome alternative to expensive safety shoes and safety boots.

We invented the 'Slipp-R' because we believed an engineer could design a better safety overshoe. It is the most long-lasting and hard-wearing safety overshoe available in Canada today. We used to sell thin, plastic overshoes that didn't last very long and didn't fit users very well. They looked like clown's shoes, which didn't inspire anyone to wear toe protection.
We didn't think PVC as a material was a good idea either.
It's the most dangerous substance ever invented. It may
be cheap but we couldn't ignore the damage it can do to
your health. Our research told us rubber is used in safety
footwear for reasons of safety. You can't make the most
advanced safety overshoe using cheap materials. It's just
not possible.

We believe it's good for every Canadian when products are
made in Canada. The quality of workmanship is much higher
and manufacturing locally allows us to keep a close eye on
production too. Since we sell all over the world, we're proud
of our efforts to help the Canadian economy.

We don't import from Mexico or China and we can pass that savings onto our Canadian customers. Stop paying high prices for safetytoes that don't last, or look silly. Buy Canadian, save money and get the best ever safety overshoe.

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Ideal for working environments that require toe protection, anti- slip and electric shock resistance
See all the features and benefits built into the 'Slipp-R'. The 'Slipp-R' Safety Toe is 100% rubber that fits tightly over outer footwear with a steel toecap protecting toes against accidental crushing or stubbing. Perfect for visitors, temporary workers, students, management, clerical staff and salesmen. The enclosed toe rubber 'Slipp-R' SafetyToe can be passed from person to person without concern for hygiene or size restraints.

Proven materials and modern technology! | Canadian Internet Reseller | Order Now! Every employer is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of employees and other people affected by their business activities, such as visitors, customers and suppliers. The importance of workplace shoes and temporary safety shoes is vital. Many industries are heavily invested in moveable equipment and personnel need to move heavy objects. Buy Now Buy Now Instant Quote Sizes Shipping/Payments Regulations Testimonials About Safetytoes Buy Now Virtual Tour